Dorcel Gélules PERFORMER +



Dorcel offers you a boost to help you improve your sexual performance. Perform + Capsules are intended to promote blood circulation in your penis, with a vasodilatory action for powerful and firm erections that last. They also stimulate your libido and increase your sexual appetite. When sex is on the horizon, wait no longer – Perform + Capsules are there for the taking. They’ll give you what you need to make sure your partner is stunned by your performance in the bedroom. These capsules are comprised of condensed natural vitamins and plant extracts that will boost your performance:

Increased libido
Enhanced energy reserves
More powerful erections
Erections that last longer
Improved well-being


Dorcel’s Sexual Expert product line offers you the very best in quality. Perform + Capsules are formulated from Ginseng extracts, whose aphrodisiac properties are tried and true; you will quickly see the positive impact on your sexual appetite and the duration of your erections. Gingko is another plant that can be found among the ingredients of Perform +. Its vasodilatory action increases the storage of blood in your penis, giving you a firmer erection that lasts longer. Green tea is another major ingredient used in these capsules. Its properties are equally time-honored. Its benefits include improved vitality and endurance. This makes the ideal cocktail for boosting your sexual performance.

Stimulates sexual desire
Energy and endurance gains
Improved sexual performance



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