Nothing but Sensation – FSoG Nipple Teasers


Enhance after-dark experiences and discover the arousal-boosting intensity of a little subtle suction with Nothing but Sensation, a set of 2 nipple teasers. Squeeze and release over areolas to create a gentle vacuum that increases size and sensitivity.
"A weekend of firsts." Fifty Shades of Grey
Run a touch of water-based lubricant around the rim of each teaser before application to ensure a perfect seal. Once in place the air pressure boosts blood flow to create delicious tingling sensations, for feather-reactive nerve-endings after removal.
* Fifty Shades of Grey silicone nipple teasers for thrilling sensations
* Can heighten sensitivity for increased arousal in play
* Uses air pressure to draw blood into nipples
* Silk-soft silicone for a luxurious feel
* Simple to use

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