Sweet Torture – FSoG Vibrating Nipple Stimulators


Gentle sensation becomes body-trembling titillation with Sweet Torture, a set of bullet-powered vibrating nipple teasers. Velvet-soft silicone features a slide-to-fit toggle that holds without pinching, so you feel nothing but stunning stimulation.
"A weekend of firsts." Fifty Shades of Grey
As the vibrations begin, nerve-endings alight in your nipples before firing head-to-toe desire. Build on this passion by slipping out the single-speed bullet from its casing and directing to other areas.

* Fifty Shades of Grey silicone vibrating nipple teasers
* Channel sweet sensations to your nipples
* Slide-to-fit toggle fits snugly without pinching
* Holds in place independently for hands-free stimulation
* Single-speed bullet can be removed

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